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Hourglass Photography

Nothing can convey meaning like a photograph can. And there's nothing more meaningful than the love between two people. Your love is unique to you I want to be there for you as you tell your story. I'm a huge fan of adventure and I'd love to preserve yours! 

Great adventures should be remembered. 

I started Hourglass Photography when I realized I never wanted to put my camera down. I love how through photography I’m able to capture moments as they happen and all the moments in between. Raw emotion and authentic feelings are what I live to photograph.

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We live for each other

My world revolves around my family, including my incredible husband that I met thanks to high school track and two crazy wolf cub dogs. We're expecting a new addition to the family too!


Born and raised in
New England

I love to be outside on the beach or running up a mountain. But I'll take a fire and my slippers while listening to Harry Potter audio books any night!


I basically always have a song stuck in my head

 and I know I have a problem when it comes to quoting The Office or Parks and Rec in everyday conversations.

Oh, I'm also a big fan of breakfast for dinner (“Why does anybody in the world ever eat anything but breakfast food?”), food puns, and chocolate chip cookies :) 



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